Guide to Tablecloth Sizes

Selecting tablecloth sizes made easy

Step 1: measure your table's length and width;

Step 2: decide the drop of your tablecloth. (Drop refers to the length of a tablelcloth that hangs down over the edge of a table.)

8" drop for most occassions. For comfortable dining, we recommend the drape of a cloth to be around 8". If the drop is too long (longer than 14"), it can get pulled away when people stand up and walk away. If the drape is too short (shorter than 4"), the tablecloth may not look proportional to your table.

30" drop to the floor for elaborate settings. Sometimes, you need the cloth to drape to the floor for formal dining or just for storing/hiding things under the table. The drop should be the same or a little longer than the height of your table. 30" drop is commonly used.

Step 3: determine your tablecloth size.
Required length of tablecloth = length of table + twice the desired drop
Required width of tablecloth = width of table + twice the desired drop

Example 1: rectangular table
If your table measures 30" wide and 48" long and you are buying a tablecloth for everyday dining, then the size should be:
30" + 8" + 8" = 46" wide --> choose standard 52" wide
48" + 8" + 8" = 64" long --> choose standard 70" long
Standard tablecloth size for your table: 52" x 70"

Example 2: round table
If your round table measures 28" in diameter and you are buying a tablecloth to drape to the floor, then the size should be:
28" + 30" + 30" = 88" diameter --> choose standard 90" round