White table linen
in elegant 100% cotton damask

This line of white table linen is suitable for formal dining. Woven on soft silky cotton in elegant damask of circle pattern, it is as classic as it is modern.

The patterns on our damask fabrics are created by weaving contrasting flat and sateen threads. The right balance of matt and sheen brings out supple feel of luxury. Here are some details about this line of damask linens.

White linen in 100% cotton damask:
Fabric: damask 100% cotton
Shrinkage: 5%
Care: machine washable
Color: white and light yellow

20x20" $6.75
14x72" $21
14x90" $27
14x110" $32
Square Tablecloths:
54x54" $39
70x70" $57
90x90" $81
Round Tablecloths:
70" $57
90" $90
Oblong Tablecloths:
52x70" $45
60x90" $61
60x108" $72
60x126" $81
70x108" $81
70x126" $93
70x144" $106

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