Fine Table Linens
damask in ivory square pattern

This line of fine table linen looks as classic as it is modern. The fabric is a durable cotton/polyester damask, features easy care, no ironing after washing. The cotton content offers good absorbency and the polyester content yields low shrinkage, durability and easy to care.

The square patterns on our damask fabrics are created by weaving contrasting flat and sateen threads. The right balance of matt and sheen brings out supple feel of luxury.

All the runners are finished with hand-draw and hemstitches as shown in the pictures. Others have standard machine finishing.

Runners are finished with hand-draw and hemstitches
Others have standard machine finishing

Damask linen in ivory square pattern:
Fabric: damask in cotton/polyester
Shrinkage: 1%
Care: machine wash and dry
Color: ivory

20x20" $4.95
14x56" $21
14x72" $23
15x90" $27
Square Tablecloths:
54x54" $29
70x70" $36

Oblong Tablecloths:
52x70" $30
60x90" $39
60x108" $46
70x126" $61
70x144" $68

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